What I would definitely tell my first-year self

Going to university is a huge milestone in anyone’s life, especially for those who are going to be living away from home for the first time like I was. Therefore, over my first year as a student I have grown a little older and a little wiser, so I feel that I am now able…

To bring or not to bring?

Starting university is one of the biggest things of your life so far and everything can get a bit overwhelming, I know it definitely was for me! Therefore, I have compiled my ideas of what to bring, and what not to bring when coming to university – to give you a helping hand in that department….

Learning to live with new people

When you get to university you expect to be best mates with your new flatmates within five minutes – Right? That’s what endless university advice pages told me. These pages are great for calming nerves about living with new people. They don’t quite help if, like me, you get to uni and don’t have that…

How to have a harmonious flat

Alistair Berry – 3rd year Journalism and Public Relations It can be stressful moving away from home. You have to shop for yourself, cook for yourself, wash your own clothes and even do your own washing up! Even if these things aren’t completely new to you, it’s likely you leant on your mum and dad…

4 top tips if you’re homesick

University is a unique experience for everyone and for some it’s the first time properly being away from home. Many people think being away from home is the best thing ever but some people, like myself, miss home a great deal.

6 points I would tell my first year self

Even though I’m now doing my Masters, I remember when I first started University, feeling an acute mixture of excitement and uncertainty. Looking forward to meeting all new people, the parties and of course learning something completely new.