So you’ve got your place…now what?

It’s results day! Maybe you got your place, or maybe you’ve picked something new. Either way in just over a month you’ll be leaving your school or college behind to start the latest chapter in your life. But where to start? With such a dramatic lifestyle change ahead it’s time to get your affairs in order….

10 things I’ve learned from living in student accommodation.

It’s not too long until you’ll be moving into your new flat or house, some of you for the first time, so here are a few things I picked up from my first year living in student accommodation. 1 – YOU WILL MEET A WHOLE LOT OF NEW PEOPLE, NOT ONLY YOUR FLATMATES Get used to walking…

What comes after A Level results day?

It’s happening – whether you’re elated with your firm, satisfied with your insurance or you’ve struck lucky in Clearing, you’re on your way to uni. And while you may be excited for all the changes happening over the next few months, it’s likely that you’re a bit nervous too! So here’s a guide of what…

What is it like starting and adapting to university?

I remember the nerves. I remember the excitement. I was asking myself questions like – “What if I don’t get on with my flatmates?”, “what if they don’t like me”, “how am I going to cope on my own?” It’s safe to say I was anxious about starting University.

To bring or not to bring?

Starting university is one of the biggest things of your life so far and everything can get a bit overwhelming, I know it definitely was for me! Therefore, I have compiled my ideas of what to bring, and what not to bring when coming to university – to give you a helping hand in that department….

Learning to live with new people

When you get to university you expect to be best mates with your new flatmates within five minutes – Right? That’s what endless university advice pages told me. These pages are great for calming nerves about living with new people. They don’t quite help if, like me, you get to uni and don’t have that…

How to have a harmonious flat

It can be stressful moving away from home. You have to shop for yourself, cook for yourself, wash your own clothes and even do your own washing up! Even if these things aren’t completely new to you, it’s likely you leant on your mum and dad to do them occasionally when the going got tough. I…